Anthony Chivetta portfolio resume


SkyeFS: Distributed Directories using Giga+ and PVFS (2012)

Research I did with Garth Gibson and Swapnil Patil at CMU's Parallel Data Lab. Source code is on GitHub.

kmemcached: in-kernel memcached for linux (2010)

Project for a Operating Systems Practicum course at CMU. Ported memcached to run inside the linux kernel.

Three Lessons from High School (2008, .mov)

A presentation I gave to my high school at the end of my senior year. It discusses the things I learned in high school.

Student Technology Leadership Program (2008)

The handout and presentation that accompanied my talk about the MICDS Student Technology Group at METC 2008. Also see the accompanying handout and video(.mov).

Lighting Design for The Adding Machine (2008)

Documents from the light design I did my senior year for The Adding Machine by Elmer Rice. This includes a light plot, photos, renderings, a cue list, and an instrument schedule.

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